Monday, October 31, 2011

New item in my Etsy Shop

I might be on a roll with this new little number I created. After seeing my daughter parade around in it this weekend, I got a better idea of how it wears, fits and holds up to her craziness.

Here's how it happened:I was going for a woodsy, natural, plaid look but with a playful touch. I think I achieved it. I also wanted to mix materials. I did that by using the knit t-shirt as a ruffle to outline the entire piece. The reverse side is a cotton bed sheet in a playful car design. Yes. That makes this lightweight jacket fully reversible. Love that! 2 looks in one!

Just for fun, and something different, I chose not to add a closure to this jacket. Instead, I made this simple knit flower belt which keeps everything together. It's a soft elastic band which slips over her head or can be stepped into.

Here's what I like about that:

1. She can put it on herself. No zippers or buttons to fuss with.

2. It keeps it shut even with tons of active 3 year old movements.

3. It cinches in at the waistline just enough to see the cute shape and the slight flare, but doesn't create additional bulk.

4. The flower is just cute. Period.

I also love the fact that it's reversible. The slightly folded over collar and rolled up cuffs expose a glimpse of the secret lining.

I hope to add more to my shop soon. My plan is to upcycle as much as possible. I'll be using mens dress shirts and knit ruffles with a fun, unexpected lining. Stay tuned.



  1. Wow! That turned out awesome great job!!
    I'm a new follower and i'd love if you'd follow me back!


  2. Oh my goodness! That is so cute! I love the ruffles and the flower belt!