Monday, October 24, 2011

My little JEWEL - Rio Style

The movie Rio quickly became a favorite at our house. Blank stares, crooked necks, wide open mouths and long blinks in front of the tv, are usually an indication of a good movie! This is when my daughter decided to be a McCaw. Not necessarily for Halloween, but just in general. Her subtle 'tweet-tweet' hints, sent me to the fabric store for blue felt.

Here is the girly little bird I'm speaking of.

So I began to sew. I started with just the wings. At first they tied loosely around the neck and two elastic bands around the wrists. This was enough to please her. But I felt it needed more.

I decided instead of a face mask adorned in feathers, a hood was the way to go.

This way I was able to incorporate the features that make Jewel, Jewel.

The beak, the long eyelashes and of course the pink flower.

Every birdy needs to be able to shake her tailfeather. Viola! Tailfeathers.

This poor costume was run ragged this weekend. It spent most of it's time jumping off the furniture indoors and swooping through the neighborhood outside. Did you know McCaw's can drive 4-wheelers, eat push pops, frolic in a sandbox and serenade an ice cream truck? They do where we live.

But in the end, I have this smiling face, looking right back at me. This one is kid approved!

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  1. I would love to see a tutorial for this!!! I am trying to make one for my 2 yr old this year and am hitting a brick wall!! You did a fabulous job!!