Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ema 'Emmy' Hesire has arrived!

Since I'm a product of the 80's (okay, fine... late 70's) I've flashed back to my favorite era and named my newest etsy prop after the character Kim Cattrall played in the 1987 movie, Mannequin! Ema Hesire. Or Emmy. I'm slowly trying to redo some of the photos in my shop. Not sure I'm totally loving the look yet, but I'll keep playing with it. Having the clothes 'filled out' for the photos gives them more personality, I think. Maybe the etsy fairy shall pay a visit tonight and grant me ONE sale? Kidding!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Under Construction

I've decided to revamp my Etsy site. This will take a bit of time, but I hope to accomplish it soon. I'll be taking all new photos and creating a more professional, coheisive look. Hopefully! I will also be attempting to create a new banner. We'll see... maybe I'll end up going back to the way it currently is? Stay tuned as it will be a work in progress. I guess that means sewing will be put on hold for a bit? We shall see...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

What to blog? What to blog?

Such a boring blog, such little information. Okay, so I'm trying to come up with a new idea. It's a dress/tunic combo which can be worn in summer, fall, winter and spring... get a couple years use...and is made from upcycled t-shirts. Sounds like a big conglomeration of ideas, huh? Well, I'm not promising miracles, but we'll see how it turns out??

As with most things involving kids, the process of coming up with these creations takes twice as long. First of all, I'm just slow at this. Secondly my mini mannequin or dress form, sleeps all the time. Well, not really... just when I'm able to sew. So, I need to wait until the following day to try it on her. That's a chore in itself! You would think that her toys are going to fall off the planet in the amout of time it takes me to slip something over her head! Lord... taking 30 seconds from her play time is a catastrophe! And she will let you know it!

So, we will see how goofy this looks on her. It could be scrapped quite quickly or actually make it to my etsy site? Stay tuned...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Thank You Nikon!

It's been shipped! Finally (well, it's only been in the shop about a week, but still...) my camera is on it's way back to me. Let's see if I can set a record for the number of times a single package is tracked?! It's estimated delivery is Thursday 9/10. That means I have 4 more days to guard my dad's camera with my life! I'm already picturing myself sending in a second camera for repair! No!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to School

My Etsy-ing has been temporarily put on hold while summer comes to an end and school gets back in session. This is the first year I've had to do all this. My baby has started Kindergarten! For a moment my life was consumed with school supplies, school clothes, meet the teacher, teacher/parent meetings, school lunches, before and after school care, end of summer daycare events, block parties, the state fair and now.... PTO fundraisers. Whew! I am now pedaling butter braids and entertainment books. Who would have known? Not me!

It's been an adjustment for us all. Schedules have changed, routines have changed, old habits broken, new friends in the picture... but I have to say, my little man is handling it well! Buckle up... the roller coaster ride is just beginning!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


So, my camera is broke!

My littlest angel must have had her halo in her back pocket and discovered my camera left out. I'm not sure what the story is? My guess...... she dropped it or threw it! In the meantime, I feel lost. Empty. Alone. My sidekick is no longer my sidekick. In it's absence I'm taking low resolution, blury, low lit photos with my camera phone. It's a sad, sad thing!

Let's hope Mr. Fix-It pulls through for me!

Monday, August 10, 2009


So, FINALLY one of my items made it to the front page. The exposure is great, and watching the number of hits, climb has been fun. Last night I discovered the same item in the gift guides section for baby. Another bonus!

I'm still learning how Etsy works, so someday, I might get this down. The time I have to devote to it is minimal, but I'll work through that. I'm having fun with it and having more fun sewing and creating. That's all that matters, right?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Where there's light...

So, it's one o'clock am and the twinkle of 4 little halogen lights in the secret room upstairs, exist. That usually means only one thing. Jen's sewing. Yep, about 10:00 pm the creative spark ignites and I get my second wind. The pur of the sewing machine, the sizzle of the iron and the hum of my neighboring imac are all that can be heard. I'm usually not tempted by the distraction of the tv when I'm in the sewing 'zone'. Unless there's an episode of King of Queens I have yet to see. Doug and Carrie can make a girl laugh though! That's usually when the sewing progress comes to a halt and I zone into life in Queen's New York.

So, back to my 'sewing studio'. Here's old reliable, herself. (Clearly too much Spongebob in my life! - Old Reliable is Spongebob's trusty jelly fishing net. Anyway...) AKA my Singer! She's nothing fancy, but gets the job done. I have to say she does a much better job than my first machine. It was a singer bought on ebay on a whim. One of those great deals that came along with only 18 seconds left to bid. Yep, I was a sucker. I think I wasn't given ALL the details when asked if it worked okay. Yah... you know the rest.

I try to be organzied, but that doesn't always happen. I do what I can to keep order. That usually lasts until 2 little blonde headed monkey's come swinging in! Now, meet the Monkey's!

Jayden, 5 & Jordan, 19 mos.

In between the sewing machine and the computer you can usually find Spiderman and Optimus Prime hanging out. The color books and crayons keep their attention for a bit, but my scissors, pins, hot iron, foot pedal of the machines, and keyboard of my computer usually win them over. That's when I have to divert their attention out the door and down the stairs. The cries, sniffles and foot stomps usually only last a few minutes.

Ribbons, flowers, thread, elastic, fabric, t-shirts, interfacing, fusible webbing, seam ripper, (not that I ever need this!) markers, safety pins......

Buttons, more pins, scissors, elastic thread, tags, water, markers, bobbins, tweezers, measuring tape, rulers, straight edge....

These are just a few of my supplies. Believe me, there's stuff in every corner!

So when I've completed an item, I shimmy on over to the computer and list. That is unless it's photo shoot time. That's a blog for another day!