Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Old work shirt re-fashion

I bought my daughter the cutest little pink cuffed shorts with white and navy anchors on them, a few weeks ago. (As a family of boaters, anchors are a necessity!) I must thank Wal-Mart for the super cute find! However, in a sea of pink and lavendar clothing, she just didn't have anything to wear with them. Solution. I'll make something.

I went through my stash of shirts to repurpose. I got it! An uber sexy button up workshirt. No disrespect to John Deere, whatsoever. After all, they do sign my paychecks. This little beauty is just not something you'll see me in!

It's an XS, but I still managed to finagle enough material from it to complete this little peasant top. I added 4 rows of shirring at the waistline. As with most projects I complete, it's usually in the late hours of the evening before I have a finished product. Therefore, I haven't been able to try it on my little sailor yet. I'll try to get photos of the completed outfit.

In the meantime, you have Jordan's body double.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Tail Feather Skirt

I'm not sure why this name came to mind? I think it's because for the short while my daughter had this on the little 'flapper' in the back reminded me of a turkey tail feather or something? Who knows? My mind works in mysterious ways sometimes! Back to the skirt. I just uploaded this to the Crafterhours Flickr Pool. I'd love to make more. Even adult sizes. So easy and fun to wear. A simple ribbon sinches it tight and creates a slight pouf or tail feather in the back. It is fully lined with a contrasting cotton fabric. The slightly longer back and 'feather' in the back, reveal the lining, adding more intrest. Stay tuned for more versions to come.