Sunday, August 22, 2010

TWO shirts, TWO projects, TOO easy!

My most recent trip to the Salvation Army this weekend, ended at the register with two Men's button down shirts. A stripe and a subtle plaid. Neither are overly awe-striking.

However, as I'm forced to deal with the fact that cooler weather will soon be approaching, I started to think about scarves again. I love to wear them, love to make them and love to see what design possibilities are out there.

Again, this is nothing spectacular, but still cute. It's lightweight and would be cute with a t-shirt and jeans. I cut 10 inch wide strips, using the backs of the shirts only. This gave me 4 generous pieces to work with. I just serged them together at the short ends, alternating fabrics. Viola! Done. I chose to leave the perimeter raw so they will fray with washing.

I decided to take it one step further. I dunked the scarf in Dylon, Amazon Green permanent dye. (Sorry, the final product is not pictured. A poorly lit photo taken with my phone in the reflection of the mirror, showcasing my overly cluttered closet, bad hair day and not so attractive outfit to begin with, is the reason.) The dye didn't take as well to the plain fabric, but still gave it a different look. The dye somewhat disguised the men's shirt concept, which you may or may not want to achieve. It's all personal preference. I honestly like them both ways.

SO... now I'm left with 2 shirt fronts. What to do... what to do??? Make a skirt! I've made peasant dresses/tops from mens shirts before, but have yet to make a skirt. I came across this tutorial the other day. This concept is perfect for the shirt pieces I have remaining! Of course my finished product has buttons both the front and back. That's okay though.

I didn't have any of the pretty lace like the skirt in the tutorial. Nor do I think the recipient of my handmade goods, is a lacey kinda gal. So, I settled on a piece of bias tape I had leftover from my t-shirt dresses. A regular hem would have been fine as well. The pleating was a first for me, but I think it really makes the skirt. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Plus, here's a bonus... Dad can't get it on her backwards when getting her ready in the morning's because there really is not a front and a back to it!

My next plan of attack it to make a white cotton peasant top to go with it. Maybe a little bit of red trim and a fabric flower to adorn it?
I should see what I can create from the remaining scraps of the two shirts. I have 4 sleeves, 4 cuffs, 2 collars, and 2 panels both with pockets. That's plenty of material for something. Let me think on that...

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