Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ANYDAY but today...

I feel like Cathy copycat, but I find SO many cute ideas in blogland! I hope the creative force behind these ideas, accept this as flattery.

The other day I discovered The Anyday Banded Shorts over at Create and Delegate. Such a simple concept. Shorts with a contrasting hemline. But it's the details that really add that extra level of cuteness here. The solid material used for the body of the short, a wide band of a cute printed cotton material and the slight little pouf created by the gathers. Those three details come together to create a playful, yet comfortable outfit for her.

I used a pant pattern which I think I have used 101 times by now. Obviously I just shortened the length. I must have tried them on her 2 or 3 times to get the length just right. (I blame my complex of high watered pants for this!) But each time I had to hack some more off to get it just right. I love the cotton print I used. It's called "Koto" by Alexander Henry. I've had 2 yards of it sitting around waiting for a great project. Well, I decided I was able to spare about 24" x 5" to make 2 bands. I'm glad I did. The brown fabric was a piece of cotton/linen which I had left from my linen peasant dresses.

My model wasn't quite in the mood for photos today. I was able to snap a few. Nothing award winning, but you get the idea. Apparently she was getting her model mojo from the stove, which she would not step away from.
Until She sat down to eat a banana on the floor, stretch her legs out and NOT look at me. (Just wait till I speak to her agent about this!)

Someday soon, I WILL soon come up with my own design and I'm convinced it WILL be brilliant!

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