Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My baby is a big girl! (sniff-sniff)

So it's official.

This weekend was transition time for us. I mean for our daughter. She spent the last 2.75 years of her life, snuggled in her crib, peering through the white slats just waiting to be rescued by one of her elders. (And her brother is considered one of those elders as he has tried on a few occasions to free her, himself. They put their heads together and decided the best way would be to put a huge stuffed teddy bear on the floor to act as her landing pad. Give her the ole heave-ho and hope she lands on Teddy. It worked well once. I'm picturing her brushing herself off and going on about her business. The other time, ended in tears but was short lived.)

The events described above led me on the search for a big girl bed! Oh, the freedom. Ironically this all took place on Independence Day! I just realized that! We found a cute, plain and simple white twin bed that will fit our needs well. Best of all, the assembly was a snap. So up it went, down came the crib. She was beyond excited. And big brother was excited for her! I think he feels like she is closer to his age now. They tool around the house like little pals.

So, here was our first test. Naptime! My little pistol was up and out 4 times. That's not too bad, could have been way worse. What cracked me up was she knew she was being sneaky. She tip toed down the steps and out to the porch to see her brother (or give him a toy as she put it). And I mean literally tip toed. Just like you see them do in the cartoons. She's a Scooby-Doo fanatic, so I'm sure this is where she picked it up. You know, Velma and Fred tip toeing away from the lurking ghost. I can picture it now. Then once she was busted, running quickly back up the steps. Probably thinking, "If I go real fast maybe mom will forget she ever saw me??" Finally exhaustion set in and she gave up the battle. Asleep in her bed is where she laid for the next 2 hours. In a sleeping state she became my sweet angel again.

Then bedtime. While I thought this might pose a challenge, it was pretty painless. I peered through the crack in her bedroom door several times to find her just sitting there. Stiff and staring at the ceiling, eyes wide open. Works for me, even if she isn't asleep yet. I went downstairs and finished watching my episode of King of Queens. (love that show by the way) Commercial time, I ran back up to check on her. I was startled to find her asleep, face down and practically snoring in the hallway. Not sure if she passed out during her escape or what her story was there? I got her back to bed, she said, "Nite-nite" and that was all she wrote till the sun came up this morning. We'll continue to work out the kinks, but so far, maybe so good?!

So, to keep my little pooper from falling out of her bed at night, I quickly whipped up a bed rail slipcover for an existing rail which I dug out of my attic. This was a freebee from someone at daycare when my oldest was just about this age. The dancing teddy bears didn't do it for me. So, I slip covered it for him to match his bedding and did the same for Jordan. Here's what I mean. Very quick and easy. Of course the first thing she said when she got in bed last night... "Where's my teddy bears??" I think she secretly digs this one instead!

(The before photo doesn't show the bears as well. Believe me... they are there) Not to mention the kid grime from past uses. Eewww....

See... she has the sweet angel face down to a science!

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