Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rags to Riches

Sew... I actually got to sew this weekend! Last week I spotted this adorable tutorial from Create & Delegate. The pleated tshirt dress. I was anxious to try it and now have a slue of projects in queue.
I chose a navy blue, Old Navy ringer shirt from 'you-know-who's' side of the closet. Actually, part of the reason I chose it was because he tried it on, decided it was too tight for him (I'm sure that was the dryers fault) and tossed it aside. His closet desperately needs cleaned out! So, this will be our new means of cleaning it! Try one thing on at a time. If it's a NO, it's mine. This also forces my creative juices to get flowing with a not-so inspiring piece. This could get interesting.

So, with a little white ribbed knit, some white double fold bias tape, a scrap of red knit from another project and an old button from a garage sale, you get this!

and this:

I love it. Especially considering how boring it was as a mans shirt. It now has a new playful lease on life!

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  1. Love it Love it Love it!!!! Its a beautiful dress on a beautiful little model.