Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer Randoms

*Relaxing Breath* Summer is finally here! I love it! The kids have only a few days left of school (thanks to snow days and a brutal winter!) and summer plans are underway!

This holiday weekend will be filled with the usual sunny activities. Boating, grilling, okay so hockey isn't the norm, but we did have practice, family, friends and plenty of the outdoors!

The neighborhood smells like a scrumptious steak restaurant and is filled with the sound of playing kids. While relaxing in the shade today, I couldn't help but stare at my kiddos and take in their cuteness. Just the beginning of what is yet to come. Can't wait, and wish it would last forever!

Dinner outdoors. All manners go out the window! (Wait, window outside? Anyway....) Who needs a spoon when you have a perfectly dirty hand with sand under your nails??

The legs of a typical active 5 year old. So cute. Bruised, scratched, scraped, dirty, slightly tanned and mostly pastey all at the same time.

Sissy is napping and mom's watering the grass. The swim trunks only seemed appropriate!

Happy Holiday Weekend! LOVE the one you're with!

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