Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder

I had to laugh when my girlfriend asked me to make her an eye mask (Love ya girl!) to wear while she sleeps. I guess the thought of her hubby rolling over to find a masked woman next to him, struck me funny somehow. But apparently she's not alone. I think I could sleep anywhere! Those who know me can testify to that one!

But, I had some fun last night making these beauty masks. Or, sleep masks? I'm not sure how beautiful I look in them, so we'll call them sleep masks.

What was even more amusing was the photo shoot that took place after the sewing was done! Lord, I think my husband is ready to commit me. I interrupted his hockey game (playoffs nonetheless) to have him take pictures of me, in bed with this thing on my face. He's recovering today.

Well, if you ignore the crazy model, and just look at the mask, they are actually quite cute and functional. The elastic strap is adjustable and can fit a rather large noggin. A piece of felt is sandwiched in between the 2 layers of fabric for added darkness. The front and back fabrics are different, but coordinating. Thus, making the mask reversible too. I've topstitched the perimeter for added durability and it should cause less shifting of the felt during washing. Machine wash, air dry and apply a warm iron as needed. Viola! Cute and comfortable.

My husband was snapping pictures while trying to get into the mindset of taking a 'for real' photo!

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