Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My very own doll!

Finally, a post after many weeks of trying to decide what to do next. I settled on a cute doll parttern from Black Apple. I never saw myself making dolls, but it turned out to be quite fun. I must say the ideas are flowing. I can think of so many fabric combinations and designs to incorporate with this one simple pattern.

I must confess. I scampered off to my sewing room in such a hurry that I failed to read the instructions. So, my design varies a bit from the pattern. I added piggy tails and tried to make her sweet and innocent, just like my daughter. (For those that know her, you have to be laughing right now!) She loves her babies though and this one is for her. I stitched everything in place, anticipating her taking a dip or two in the spin cycle!

I look forward to making more. (When time allows)

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