Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Knit in the round

While this may sound like a knitting post, it's not! Knitting is one thing I struggle with. (well, one of many things like emptying the lint trap in my dryer, going only 9 over the speed limit instead of 10, finding a way to organize my recipes, actually 'using' the coupons I cut out instead of thinking I'm going to and then end up letting them expire..... and THEN... knitting!)

SO! This is actually just a post about knit fabric. T-shirts in fact. Since I might be in love with a new skirt style and I might be on the brink of compulsive t-shirt collecting, I thought, why not marry the two?

Using the wonderful instructions provided by Dana at MADE I created my own circle skirt pattern to fit my almost 3 year old. It was actually super easy and really satisfying to see it all come together so quickly. As a test skirt, I grabbed two somewhat compatible t-shirts and pieced them together. The end result: a comfy, free flowing, casual twirl skirt for any budding princess. (Or not. I can't tell if I have a tree climber or a girl fit for a tea party, just yet. Perhaps a happy combination of both?)

I think she enjoyed it though. I even got a little dance out of her. She had to test out the twirl factor. I am pretty pleased with the end result. Now I just need to get creative at combining 2 unrelated, yet coordinating shirts.

I left the seems serged and exposed on the outside. Again, adding to the casual feel of the skirt.


Whew! After all that, a girl needs to rest!

"I am SO over this twirl skirt!"

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