Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pocket full of kryptonite?

Here's a fun spin on an old tshirt. This is a twist on an idea I took from the book:

Generation T: Beyond Fashion: 120 New Ways to Transform a T-shirt (as mentioned earlier)

Except my version is something your child can actually wear. The version in the book has you sew the front and the back of the tee together to create a wall hanging pocket or storage organizer. While this still functions as 'storage' and an 'organizer' it's just wearable organization!

I took a scrap of knit fabric I had, which actually was a shirt from my husbands closet. So far he hasn't missed it! I sewed the rectangle to the back of the inside of the 'good' tshirt. I then measured out and sewed 9 individual pockets, forming a grid. After turning the tshirt back to it's right side, I measured and cut slits at the top of each pocket. Carefully cutting only the top layer, the orange underneath begins to peak through, also making this a functional 'hidden pocket' tshirt.

Jayden likes it to carry matchbox cars in it from room-to-room. Also, his ipod, mini transformers, snacks and I'm sure things he's trying to hide from me! The tricky thing for me is to remember to check all 9 pockets before tossing this in the washing maching. Lets hope the ipod does't make it to the spin cycle!!

The original design of the shirt is still there, but the stitched grid and subtle pocket openings create a decorative or handmade quality to the shirt.

This shirt comes with a WARNING! You'll be guessing what's in his pockets for days!!!

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