Thursday, April 29, 2010

Butts & Bags

Two discarded items collide to create this unique pouch, pocket, bag... whatever you want to call it!

I got home from a busy day (which as always, begin at 4:30 a.m.) yesterday and flipped my laptop open for a quick check of my emails. Well, as a newly named 'blog addict', I couldn't just stop with email. I go to my reader and ventured WAY off onto a craft blog which I hadn't seen before. Noodlehead. Such a cute blog, and honestly, I haven't even had time to poke around in there yet. I came across this cute pocket pouch made from the pocket of an old pair of khaki’s. I just zipped down, looked and all the pictures and headed to my sewing room. The kids were fed and watered and content with Dad downstairs. I snuck away to my haven. Oh, except the quick detour I made to find some of his old splattered and tattered khaki’s. THEN to the sewing room!

I grabbed an Amy Butler scrap and quickly stitched it up. I had a thought, however. After succeeding with the melted plastic grocery bags craft, I thought how perfect this would be for a lining. SO... let the melting begin. After getting everything assembled, I topstitched the two layers together and finished it off with a long strip of Velcro. So, now you have a washable surface on the inside and a cute and functional outer layer. The pocket on the outside still functions and is separate from the inside.

This could be a reusable treat bag, makeup bag, pencil case, wallet... so many functions. And very easy to make!
Let's hope hubs noticed the 5x6 square cut from the butt of his pants before he puts them on!

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