Monday, March 29, 2010

Testing... Testing...

I had 5 minutes to spare tonight and decided to try something I've been hearing about lately. Making plastic 'fabric' from recycled plastic grocery bags. I watched a brief tutorial on Etsy:

And it truly took as much time for me to watch the video as it did to make my own. I LOVE those kinds of projects. So here is a quicky business card holder. Honestly I couldn't think of anything quick to sew. I was buckling under pressure as I could hear the voice of the little people in my life, drawing near.

I really like how the one even has the recycle logo and plastic bag. A happy accident! And the other bears the famous Fareway Crest. Or whatever you want to call it. Finished, the material almost resembles those Tyvek shipping bags. Kinda cool. And what a neat way to ship something. I might have to try that out. I need to spin my wheels a bit on this idea. I'm sure the possibilities are endless!

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