Sunday, August 9, 2009

Where there's light...

So, it's one o'clock am and the twinkle of 4 little halogen lights in the secret room upstairs, exist. That usually means only one thing. Jen's sewing. Yep, about 10:00 pm the creative spark ignites and I get my second wind. The pur of the sewing machine, the sizzle of the iron and the hum of my neighboring imac are all that can be heard. I'm usually not tempted by the distraction of the tv when I'm in the sewing 'zone'. Unless there's an episode of King of Queens I have yet to see. Doug and Carrie can make a girl laugh though! That's usually when the sewing progress comes to a halt and I zone into life in Queen's New York.

So, back to my 'sewing studio'. Here's old reliable, herself. (Clearly too much Spongebob in my life! - Old Reliable is Spongebob's trusty jelly fishing net. Anyway...) AKA my Singer! She's nothing fancy, but gets the job done. I have to say she does a much better job than my first machine. It was a singer bought on ebay on a whim. One of those great deals that came along with only 18 seconds left to bid. Yep, I was a sucker. I think I wasn't given ALL the details when asked if it worked okay. Yah... you know the rest.

I try to be organzied, but that doesn't always happen. I do what I can to keep order. That usually lasts until 2 little blonde headed monkey's come swinging in! Now, meet the Monkey's!

Jayden, 5 & Jordan, 19 mos.

In between the sewing machine and the computer you can usually find Spiderman and Optimus Prime hanging out. The color books and crayons keep their attention for a bit, but my scissors, pins, hot iron, foot pedal of the machines, and keyboard of my computer usually win them over. That's when I have to divert their attention out the door and down the stairs. The cries, sniffles and foot stomps usually only last a few minutes.

Ribbons, flowers, thread, elastic, fabric, t-shirts, interfacing, fusible webbing, seam ripper, (not that I ever need this!) markers, safety pins......

Buttons, more pins, scissors, elastic thread, tags, water, markers, bobbins, tweezers, measuring tape, rulers, straight edge....

These are just a few of my supplies. Believe me, there's stuff in every corner!

So when I've completed an item, I shimmy on over to the computer and list. That is unless it's photo shoot time. That's a blog for another day!

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