Thursday, September 10, 2009

What to blog? What to blog?

Such a boring blog, such little information. Okay, so I'm trying to come up with a new idea. It's a dress/tunic combo which can be worn in summer, fall, winter and spring... get a couple years use...and is made from upcycled t-shirts. Sounds like a big conglomeration of ideas, huh? Well, I'm not promising miracles, but we'll see how it turns out??

As with most things involving kids, the process of coming up with these creations takes twice as long. First of all, I'm just slow at this. Secondly my mini mannequin or dress form, sleeps all the time. Well, not really... just when I'm able to sew. So, I need to wait until the following day to try it on her. That's a chore in itself! You would think that her toys are going to fall off the planet in the amout of time it takes me to slip something over her head! Lord... taking 30 seconds from her play time is a catastrophe! And she will let you know it!

So, we will see how goofy this looks on her. It could be scrapped quite quickly or actually make it to my etsy site? Stay tuned...

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